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The last time we took a trip, it was El Nido. It took us half a day to get there, including the 5 hours bumpy ride through the mountains. So we thought we needed to be somewhere relaxing with a lot of good food. Our choice of destination was Krabi, Thailand.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.35.45.png何も調べないで現地に到着すると、宿の主から、「今夜はナイトマーケットだから街に出るといいよ」と教えてもらう。

We arrived just in time for the night market, which happens on every Sunday night in Krabi town.


People singing Karaoke on stage.


50 shades of fried chicken.


This grilled squid was fluffy and tender. The tangy chilli sauce with tons of fresh lime was so magical I became more hungry as I ate.

A video posted by saya oshima (@momomagazine) on

A video posted by saya oshima (@momomagazine) on


Yummy food sounds yummy.


Krabi town's night market has a lot more to offer than the cheap yummy foods, such as the flowers made of plastic bottles. 

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These kids already knew it sucks to work.


The little coconut milk pancake reminded me of Takoyaki. It was warm, sweet and so dreamy. 


Sticky rice + sweetest mango + warm coconut milk


We watched him make these little pancakes for so long. It's rolled with Kaya jam and red bean paste. I don't usually eat desserts so much as I prefer more alcohol than anything else, but I couldn't stop eating them. These food stalls are very similar to the ones in Japan, but with a lot more spices and full of surprises.